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Actual quotes from satisfied customers from Home Depot’s website

“Excellent Product!
Happy Long Island, NY

“Excellent Product! Had this installed when I switched over from Chlorine to Ionization in 2005. No regrets. Pool water is sparkling, easy to adjust and test. You still need chlorine but only about one 3″ tab a week for a 33,000 gal. pool. You use non-chlorine shock so you can swim in the pool 15-30 minutes after shocking. You need to shock the pool about half as much as a chlorine pool. The biggest benefit is the water itself. No more harsh chlorine feel when you get out. It’s like swimming in bottled water.

The downside is that local pool stores know little or nothing about ionization. Most don’t even know how to test for it. Fortunately it comes with a great test kit and the manufacture is very responsive to questions and help. If you install this system you’ll never go back to chlorine or salt.”

“Love it. Recommend it no regrets!

“Love it. Recommend it no regrets! I did bunch of research. Pool stores really don’t know this product. Very few pool service companies know about it. I’m a first time pool owner and take care of my own pool. I test my water in the pool store once a month for reference and test it on my own every week. They told me I am the only person that hasn’t complained of algae problems. Baking soda, acid from pool store, tablet one a week in float. Water smells like a river after swim”

“Amazing clear pool!

“Amazing clear pool! The dumbest thing I ever did was put in a pool. The smartest thing I ever did was put in this system. in Houston Texas with our heat rain pollen and tree leaves, I struggled for two years with algae growth and pool chemistry. All that is behind me now and the pool is always clear and algae free Maintenance is so simple.”

“Well constructed product

“Well constructed product – easy to install – great value! We have been using ionization in our pool since 1986 – the vendor of our last product (bought in ’86) retired. So we had to find another product – after talking with the mfr and reviewing all the units this was our choice. Happy we made that decision. Very well made – easy to install (all the needed parts) and great support from the mfr. Hope this helps someone make the purchase decision. You will not be sorry you did and the cost saving in one or two years from using less chlorine will pay for the unit.”